About us

We believe that brandies must have a character: the authenticity of the region where they originate as well as the feelings of the people who create them.

Our brandy is a product of passion and desire to make for ourselves, our friends and customers the best brandy fruit can give. The founder of the distillery, Master of Agronomy Drazen Stipic, turned his many years of experience and knowledge in production and sale of premium drinks into an excellent brandy with his own signature: insisting on quality, without additives and sugar, respecting every detail in the production and maturation process.

We started the distillery as a family project; we produce small quantities of brandy because our philosophy is based on the highest quality product. We deeply believe that you will feel the message that our brandies convey and enjoy all that love, honesty and authenticity in every drop.

With the vision of superior product quality with the slogan "Vertigo of pleasure", the Vertigo Distillery has started an exciting new story...