To sensation without filtration
19. Prosinac 2019 22:46

In the world of strong alcoholic beverages, filtration is currently very hot topic, especially among large producers of cognacs and whiskeys. The "opponents" of filtration believe that filtration is a process that is mostly done for so-called cosmetic reasons, to prevent the cloudiness of the brandy during maturation or during consumption of very chilled drink.

Filtration is also carried out to eliminate some of the errors made during the distillation process. However, if it is a technically correct production process, cloudiness can usually occur due to the fatty acids and esters that come from the raw material of which the beverage is made. And these are the ingredients that give premium quality spirits that waxy aftertaste, full of flavor and noble aroma. Filtration also loses some color, but on the other hand, manufacturers who filter their spirits still get the assurance that their product will be stable over long periods and crystal clear which is a feature that customers are used to.

At the Vertigo Distillery, we decided to skip this process because the brandy we received after maturing was exactly as we want it: clear, thick on the palate, rich, luxurious fruity scent, fierce but with nicely balanced alcohol and medium long finish. It is sensational to us and we believe it will be to our customers as well.

Try Vertigo William and Plum brandy and enjoy the Vertigo of pleasure!

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