Fruit brandy Šljivovica

Fruit brandy Šljivovica

Enjoy more than 8 kg of plums in 1 bottle!


45 %


0.70 L

Serving temp.

16 °C


It is certainly the most famous Croatian brandy. Given its long tradition and wide spread, it was a true challenge to make it top notch. At the outset, we decided that there will be no compromises at any stage of production.

We use only top-quality fruit at full maturity, from which we separate the stone and stem, and pure plum puree, without any other admixtures or added sugars, is used for fermentation. The fermentation takes place in a completely closed and controlled system at the optimum temperature. Roasting brandy in a forged copper boiler is a unique experience and the aromas that are spread in the distillery during that procedure are the highlight of the effort.

After double distillation, the 65% alcohol brandy is filled into large Slavonian oak barrels, in which it matures.

Each bottle of finished brandy passed through our hands and we are proud of our product. We would like to invite you to taste it and feel the “whirl of pleasure"! – JUST ARRIVED!!!

45% of alcohol. Best served chilled to 16°C.

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